Monday, April 20, 2009

BSP that Backs Devendrars to the Front: A Dream Came True

Only the fittest can survive in this world, or to simply put in Darwin’s words “survival of the fittest”. I, of course, don’t have any contradictions on this idea, as this is the fact. We Devendrars are physically, financially, professionally, and above all, culturally fit, yet we couldn’t survive in this world, as we were in the past as Mallars. As the previous two essays of mine discusses, we need to be politically fit and to have political ground to fight the battle for our rights, if we really want to survive.

I am not unsure that the title itself of the essay might surprise – and even for some shock – Devendrars. Now I can understand the murmuring of many that what is the fate of Devendrars to support a party that is born in Uttar Pradesh, and why should we act under the leadership of a lady who is not a Devendrar. These questions are natural, logical and not without a reason. But, we are the sons of the soil and what we have achieved so far in this land. Now it is time to look at which party put Devendrars in the front, and no matter it is where the part was originated and from which community she comes. We can’t also here deny the fact that she also belonged to scheduled caste.

India is a country comprising 28 states – of which Uttar Pradesh is a geographically big state with largest population and with enormous share of both parliamentary and legislative constituencies or seats. Such a state is now ruled by a Dalit, Mayawati, and should we not take pride in that! I was even surprised to know and finally attracted with Bhahujan Samaj Party (BSP) principles (in a meeting that I happened to attend), the foremost among them is putting a Dalit in front in all the leading positions, even if it comes the chief minister of a state or prime minister of the nation. Of the several hundred (political) parties in India, which party has the courage to announce this as, at least, one of the principles of their parties. BSP’s principle is not just for purpose of doing politics and parliamentary election. Devendrars were and are appointed for the leading positions in the southern parts of Tamil Nadu, where are the dominant one. Jeevan Kumar, a Devendrar, has been the organizing secretary for southern Tamil Nadu.

Well-started is half done. Of course, Devendrars started well with their entry into BSP. Remember, we Devendrars need power both in the central and the state government to pass laws and to make amendments as we wish in the existing ones for the upliftment of us. Mayawati ruling the state with the share of 80 MPs has the dream of ruling the nation, and, of course, there is no harm in that and is logic in that. The ex-prime minister Chandrasekhar ruled the nation with just 59 MPs for his share with majority in the parliament from support from others – both within and outside. In fact, it becomes our duty to make her dream realized, so that we can reap a good harvest of benefits and get things that are favourable to Devendrars fulfilled.

BSP is grown to become a national party of importance and to be inevitable, without whose support it is almost impossible for any party to form any government in the national level. It is because the past has proved this. Started as a political party in 1984 by Kanshi Ram, it managed to be in power in Uttar Pradesh within just 11 years. The four-time chief minister in 1995, 1997, 2002 and 2007, Mayawati has set her mind in ruling the nation. Starting the count with just five MPs in 1998, it is having 19 MPs today in the present Lok Saba, increasing the percentage of votes from 463 to 5.33. With 27% of votes from Dalits, along with 18.5%, 13.82% and 3.91% of votes of Muslims, Brahmins and Vaish, respectively, she is sure to win at leas the half of the total of 80 Lok Saba constituencies. Having worked as a teacher, she is going to teach a good lesson for the opposition party and parties in opposition alike.

The next question that may rise is how we can expect complete privileges from them when they are with the view of supporting the lower-end people from all communities. Nothing harm occurs when it happens. While Devendrars claim to have the second largest population with around more than one crore people, what, as I have already asked, have we achieved? And as already noted, it is BSP’s political agenda to put a Dalit to all the front positions.

Lok Saba election is approaching and we Devendrars are going to cast our votes on 13th
May, 2009, remember, casted the vote should not be a wasted one. It is also time for us to prove our strength in Tamil Nadu. Scattering the votes to several political parties will directly make us “to be ruled”, as it happens now, rather than “to rule”.

Are we going to suffer the fate by our voting to Krishnasamy and other parties or to rule the state by voting to BSP? Above all, I put the simple saying before all Devendrars: “United we stand, divided we fall”. To unite or divide is left to you, Devendrars.

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